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Agile in Government

Agile adoption in government has been the topic of discussion and disagreements from past many years, but contracting with various US governments from past few years, below are the few major pain points I frequently get regarding agile adoption;

  1. Can agile be adopted in the public or government sector, where the documentation requirements are the most stringent among other industries?
  2. How does procurement and contracting work with agile projects and how can the vendor be held accountable for the success of the project?
  3. With minimal documentation, how can the team respond to some audit requirements that necessitate detailed documentation?
  4. With changing requirements in agile, how can project managers forecast and provide the estimation required for legislative budget approval (which is usually 2-3 years in-advance)?
  5. Our organization resources lack the skillsets and experience to be involved with agile projects.
  6. Our organization culture is not ready for such a big change that involves changing the business processes used for many years.

My responses to these frequently asked questions will be updated soon, so please bookmark this post and stay tuned.

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